Shapeoko XXL has no power please help

My unit has lost power I have no led on the board, nothing lights up.

Does your power supply have an LED on it?
Any chance it’s the circuit you’re plugged in to?
Is this a new machine?

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If the obvious things don’t address this (switch, power, connection)

Contact us at and we’ll do our best to assist.

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Yes, power supply has LED and tested voltage coming out of the power supply, its good.
Older XXL.

Doesn’t sound good. Any chance you could have some aluminum chips or anything on the board?
Notice anything on the board that looks damaged?

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No on the aluminum and nothing looks damaged or burnt out.

Switch, power and connections are good.
No lights on the PCB board.

If you haven’t yet, contact us at and we’ll get this sorted out.

Does the board have a fuse on it by any chance?

It doesn’t have a fuse.

I’ve blown up a 2.4e board… recently, in fact. I was testing the PWM voltage with a multimeter and accidently touched the 24V line with the probe… ooops. Magic smoke appeared.

Interestingly the power LED still lit up on the circuit even though the board was essentially dead, so Tom’s issue must be more serious.