Shapeoko XXL on pull-out shelf/drawer?

I’m building an outfeed/assembly table for my garage and would love to store a Shapeoko XXL underneath. I originally planned to put it on a shelf, but realized it’d be too hard to access most of the wasteboard. But if I put the shelf on a heavy duty drawer slide (36 or 40", 250-500 lbs), I figure I can pull it out, secure workpiece, and either run it open or if the job is long, slide it back in before starting. I could even add four sides to keep most of the dust in place.

But I haven’t found anyone else doing this with either a Shapeoko or X-Carve or any other CNC, so I’m worried there’s a good reason. Do the slides, even heavy duty locking ones, have too much play for the CNC while it’s running? I’d love to have an XXL but can’t dedicate that much surface space to it. I would think to avoid dust and noise, putting a Shapeoko in a large drawer would be a common solution.

Thanks for any thoughts and advice.

It seems to me that this would work ok. Table stability can be a problem if it increases rather than dampening vibrations due to resonance, etc, but as long as the axes remain square to each other and the work piece, it’ll continue to function.

Your idea can’t be worse than a table on locking wheels, right, and I’ve seen pics of some of those in forums, etc. Plus, if you do find you get too much play/vibration, you could probably rig up wedges or something to make it more rigid during operation, yes?