Shapeoko XXL setup oddities

Well, got my XXL in a few weeks ago and I had a few issues. I’ve wrote a short piece about it and will be updating it with me building it out. Already added a few things that I’ll update as I go. Did anyone have the pulley issue? I couldn’t post photos here, but have a photo in the link. I wound up having to cut the stationary pulley in half in order to allow the z axis limit switch to trigger.

The pulley issue is most likely an out of place part or parts — please let us know about that at and we’ll do our best to help you puzzle this out.

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Thanks, I reached out earlier and will be discussing the build as it unfolds. It is possible that something is out of place or maybe a wrong part came with it. The instructions left a bit to be desired even with me being an obsessive tinkerer. I was told new instructions are in the works so that could help clear up a few things. I love the machine besides the quirks mentioned.

Your photo was not reachable - no permissions. Probably stopped the thread dead.

I don’t contest that there are some things that maybe aren’t very clear. HOWEVER - any time you get to the point where making it work requires modifying a part, that’s a hint it’s probably time to stop and ask more questions. There are a lot of these machines out in the world, I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone needing to modify the provided parts in such a dramatic way to make them fit together properly.

Lots of people here, happy to help.

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The photo was down in the blog post about assembling the machine. Not sure if it allows the link though. That said I was kind of pressed for time building the machine as I needed it for a middle school robotics team I help mentor to cut a few parts before the regional finals. I am hoping to get some better photos from them of the z axis and see what went wrong there. One solution I found for an x axis limit switch not triggering I found in some questions on the site. Modifying the cable snakes was just necessary for better operation.

Thanks, looking forward to getting the most out of the machine.

Couldn’t you have just turned the pulley over, so that the hub side was facing the other direction?

I thought of that after, but the height of the pulley would still be the same. The screw head on the opposing plate was contacting it literally 1/16 before the limit switch hit. That’s what made me wonder what I had done. Cutting the gear down was a pretty knee jerk reaction, but I was on a mission.

Got an update from support today. They said it appears my machine came with the wrong the gear pulley for the stationary pulley. If anyone has the same issue contact them and they will send the correct one. IF you are having trouble getting your z axis to home sometimes you might check to see if the pulley is hitting. Since mine works fine after I modified it I’m not going to bother, but just so you know. They are also in the process of updating the instructions and I made some suggestions from the build that I think will help because one in particular was in the troubleshooting, but needed to be in the instructions.

I look forward to many fun projects on it! Just finished putting on a Suckit dust boot. I guess I never though about how much saw dust it would make.


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