Shapeoko XXL Setup

Hi everyone, I purchased my Shapeoko XXL in late November and finally got it up and running! Here are some pictures of the table I made, wasteboard, clamps, and a small box. The build went extremely smooth given the directions and watching youtube videos of others assembling theirs. For projects a I have few things drawn up in Autodesk Fusion 360 (links below). I will post additional projects as I complete them.

My only question is when the Shapeoko Touch Probe will be in stock again so I can gladly hand over more :moneybag: to Carbide 3D? :smile:

Fusion 360 Links
Small Layered Box
If Papa Can’t Fix It We’re Screwed
Super Simple Play Pals




My understanding is the Probe will be in stock “soonish” which I’m interpreting as early–mid January.

Congratulations Kirk! I’m (im)patiently awaiting the shipment of my XXL and I appreciate you sharing your installation.

Thank you

Happy New Year!


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Very nice setup :clap: well done!

I really like the doweled box, something I’ve been meaning to try for quite awhile, nicely done!!!

As a side note, bike in corner, Ninja? Which one? I’ve never owned a Kawasaki (almost bought one once though). I’ve had couple Honda CBR’s, Yamaha R6 and currently a Triumph Street Triple R. I’ll be 46 years old next month, but I can’t seem to shake the sport bike thing.


Thanks everyone for the feedback. @DanolnTx the bike in the corner is a 2012 250R nothing big as it’s my first bike (bought it new) and didn’t want to spend much as I wasn’t sure how into it I would get. I basically just bomb around town on it and run errands.

On a more CNC note, I did the doweled box out of MDF just to see how it would go. I want to make sure this thing doesn’t turn into a sign/engraving machine.

I’m currently working on a jig for it that will allow me to cut mortise and tenon and will post when that is complete. I intend to leverage the space the CNC can mill beyond the front of the machine to mount long stock.


My first adult bike was a new 2013 CBR500R, then shortly afterwards I bought a 2011 CBR250R for my wife. She never really rode it much, but I used it as my “Saturday morning” bike as it was just so lightweight, never needed gas, I could twist it to the rev limiter on just about every gear change, just fun! I think the small Ninjas are nearly the same bike as far as size and performance, I bet it’s a blast!

My machine has made a bunch of signs and engravings for sure. I probably did more actual 3D when I first got it. This is a good reminder, I must make more stuff!!

Cool stuff!!!