Shapeoko XXL Table

Surprise, I am new here. I am interested in buying a Shapeoko 4 XXL, problem I am having is finding a table big enough. Suggestions? All the work benches I find at not deep enough.

The most expedient thing to do is to purchase a matching pair and bolt them together.

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Thanks. I was just looking at that as well. I appreciate the help.

2x4basics 90164MI Custom Work Bench and Shelving Storage System, Black


For my 3XXL that I’m picking up this coming weekend, I just finished building my own table. It’s a single sheet of 3/4 inch plywood, 4x8 feet mounted to my wall. It’s big and bulky but will give plenty of room for the CNC itself as well as ancillary things like the computer, bit storage, etc. Not the prettiest picture of the shop (still under construction as I work on finishing the table/electrical for the CNC) but it’s a shot of a simple setup that can be made with a few 2x4s and plywood.

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Thanks. I decided to go with a couple of Kobalt tables from Lowe’s. I still have to secure them together but I think they will make for a solid surface.

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