Shapeoko XXL Tilting Transport Table

Maybe this will inspire others that have a similar need.
I utilized a Rockler Material Mate panel cart to be able to move my Shapeoko XXL around my classroom and for storage. It is not used in the tilt mode. I designed this so that it could move through a doorway. I can also operate it outdoors on nice days as well. The one thing is to make sure the gantry is secure at the top of the machine. I use claps, but plan on using some type of strapping cord to secure it in the future. It has hinged swing down legs for support in table mode and a bolt as a locking pin so that it cannot become unlatched accidently. The machine is bolted using the adjustment threaded holes for the feet to 3/4" plywood. The plywood table top is also bolted to the Material Mate cart. I know some of the pictures are from early in the build and the t-track MDF kit was eventually screwed down flush. Many people will not be happy with my frankenstein monster, but it works for me and I am not moving it very often. It did a pretty nice job on spalted maple.