Shapeoko XXL Z axis over travel

hello everyone
i am new here, got a shapeoko 3 XXL and i have bean using it for a while
i changed the waist board that came with it, too many hols :blush:
after changing the board i noticed that after homing the machine the Z axis is slipping, the belt poly one the z axis servo was lose so i tightened it now the Z axis would go further down till the lower rail wheels would come off the rails before it stops, witch leave the z axis plate hanging by the upper wheels, not by much about 5mm below end of rail and wheels center.
so if the G code take the Z axis to its maximum depth it would cause some serous damage to the project and the end mill and possibly the z plate mounts, i tried homing the machine several times with no luck.
any help would be very much appreciated,
thank you.

Please check the machine mechanically:

thank you very much for the tips, i may have not explained my problem clearly, as my understanding that carbide motion will not allow the z axis or any axis for that matter to exceed the travel distance after homomg initializing the machine, am i wrong ?

I don’t believe you can setup soft limits in CM.

However other g codec senders support this like UGS.

Carbide Motion implements soft limits when jogging.

If you wish to turn on soft limits — that’s a Grbl setting, and not dependent on G-Code sender — we don’t support it, false positives in it are tricky to troubleshoot remotely.

I am having the same issue. Any fix?

actually no,
i still have the problem but no one seem to know the reason, the fact that it did not have the issue before is an indication that there is some thing not right

i wish someone would tell us why this is happening and how to fix it, not some tips in how to line the z axis, v wheels and so on
somehow in CM i can jog the Z axis down past the rails by 5mm before it stops, that was not how it use to be, it use to stop just before the end of the v track , if i find out why i will let you know

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Yes, this is how it used to be. If soft limits are on, you can’t. If soft limits are off, you can. If you upgraded to grbl 1.1, it would have wiped out your settings, and it would be off again if you turned it on sometime in the past, but “off” is the default, so you would have had to have turned it on in the past.

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