Shapeoko Z-Plus upgrade missing documentation

Just received my Z-Plus upgrade kit for my Shapeoko XXL and it came without documentation.
What’s the next step? Should I hack it based on the install guide for the Shapeoko with built in Z-Plus?
Is there a guide online somewhere?

contact, they should be able to send you the missing manual
(EDIT: or at least confirm whether there is any significant difference from following the latest assembly instructions for the Shapeoko)


Take a look HERE


Thanks, that saved it beautifully. Next step is sourcing M3x18 SHCS that were missing from the upgrade kit, and mounting my SuckIt.

What Julien wrote, if there are items missing from the kit, that should be there according to the packing list/instructions, contact Carbide3d.


As folks have noted, please let us know about this at, even if you’ve addressed it yourself with a run to the hardware store — we need to know for QC purposes so that we can hold sub-contractors accountable and fix such lacunae. (and you may get a surprise)


I just received the missing M2x18 from Carbide3D. Outstanding customer support. Above and beyond!


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