Shapeoko Z-Plus

Hoping those beers are chilled boys :slight_smile:


Ice. Cold.

Take my money.


@Luke I’m hoping you’re saying “I’m not done yet!”


We’re not even close.


so eh when is the subscription service of “just ship it to me” launched?

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All good stuff here. Just as I was cogitating on making a “better” CNC from scratch. I think you might have saved me from that rabbit hole.

I would hope that the product roadmap will eventually include models with gcode controlled on/off, speed control at the least. You do not appreciate that until you have it.

Party on Carbide 3D!


I’m hoping overall height of the Shapeoko will not exceed 21.5" with the Z mod ??? :pray: :crossed_fingers:

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Been waiting for this upgrade, so excited for the upgrade kit to be released!

Ok, it’s live at:

and it’s available to begin purchasing with a machine right now.

Once we get the final upgrade bracket done (and the docs to go with it) we’ll put some in stock for upgrades.


Take my money. Also, am I correct that the clearance and z-travel of the HDZ and Z+ are equal?

If so, then really the only reason to buy the HDZ would be a heavier spindle or heavy duty metal machining?

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In post number 17 from a few days ago this was brought up:
"> A few more questions, what is the Z travel?

Is there an EasyTram mechanism with this?

Z travel is close to the stock belt Z.

The spindle mount allows easier tram adjustment but it’s not the same at the EZ Tram on the HDZ."

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Like @stutaylo I would also love to get a Shapeoko that has a larger work area, like 48"+ (maybe 50" x 50") so I could throw a half-sheet (48" x 48") of plywood on it and be able to cut it from edge to edge. I realize that for me, I’d have to build a bigger shed to hold it, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make. :slight_smile: I am not interested in any additional height either, Just longer X and Y rails would make me happy.


Also wanting to know that the height will be.

Yeah I saw that post, I don’t see how that’s possible. Look at this image:

While the holes for the spindle mount (I think) are slightly lower on the Z+ there seems to be ~2" of more vertical travel when they are side by side.

A table here with Old Z, Z+, and HDZ would be extremely helpful. Things like Overall Machine Height, Z Clearance, Z Travel, Max Spindle Weight, Weight, Recommended Application… for row level data


No worries, the overall height of the machine with the Z+ is 470mm (18.5").

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The screw mechanism takes more room than the belt so you cannot use tht as a reference.

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Something I haven’t seen yet, is the force multiplied? :smiley:

With the XXL / Makita I have now, I can assume something like 10 to 15 pounds of downforce (maybe for drilling?) Will the force be with you/us? :smiley:


Backlash isn’t as big of an issue because it’s vertical and the weight of the router/spindle keep it at the bottom of the thread I guess you could say.

You still have axial cutting forces, much like a up-cut end mill can pull your stock up, a down-cut could push the spindle up (especially plunging/ramping in). Backlash in the x+y axis can cause unintentional movement on climb cutting, I’d imagine z-axis could too. Basically trade-offs with cost, as Rob mentioned, they are using a anti-backlash nut, however that is a wear (consumable) item as well.

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