Shapeoko3 XXL, dust issue - Enclosure or Dust Boot or Both?

I have my SP3 in my office, where my computers are. So I want to keep dust down as much as possible.

I have ordered the SuckIT dust boot, which will hopefully be here soon. But my question is, should I just use that, or use that and build an enclosure?

Depends on the material you are working with. For aluminum or other metals, I can’t imagine not having an enclosure as you probably don’t want to be sucking potentially hot metal flakes through your suckit and vacuum. For MDF, the fine dust is hazardous to breathe in, so I would not want that free in the air in my home. For plastics like HDPE, at the correct feeds and speeds, I successfully flung little plastic chips well over 8 feet away from my machine, creating plastic rain. Messy. For wood, you might get by without an enclosure, but the fine dust may be bothersome to your computers. Suckit is good, but doesn’t get everything.

Also if you just ordered your Suckit, beware that it can take quite a while for arrival (4-5 weeks) so your choice may be to build an enclosure in the mean time or be stuck without anything.


Would you say the SuckIT sucks up 90% of the dust? and an enclosure would get another 9%?

Just trying to figure out if I should invest in the time to make the enclosure or not.

Also, I mainly plain on cutting pine (reclaimed pallet wood)

I have the suck it and you may want an enclouser aswell.Dont get me wrong the suck it is great and it will change your life lol,But crap happens.If you are using smaller stock an the spindle goes to one side or the other causing the shoe to be in a half on half off situation then you will get little chips escaping,not alot but just enough for concern of a possible enclosure.I have the combonation of both and it seems to work great with the cyclone.Im also looking into adding somthing like this…


Mark, you need to stop putting forth additional gear and projects for me to lust over… do you have amazon shares or what?


lol i wish!..

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