ShapeOKO4 power button wire color coding

Could anyone help me with the shapeOKO4 power button wire color coding? I have black, red, green and white wires, I need to know how they map to 24V, ground, LED+ and LED-.
I want to reuse the power button with my mks tinybee board which does not have a power button / LED socket, so I need to mill a small pcb that I can solder the microfit socket to connect to the power button. Thanks.

Checked the voltage, when turned off, black to red: 24 V. black to green: 24V. When turned on, black to red: 0V, black to green: -24V? I am confused.

I was assuming the 4 wires are: power positive, common ground, LED positive and device positive. LED positive and device positive are connected. When turned on power positive is connected to device and LED positive. But not sure how -24V is introduced.

Anyways, I just want to know what each wire is, so that I can reuse this button with my new board.

I suppose it’s a typical power push button so if you google around for similar models, the same wiring diagram tends to show up regularly, for example check out the third image in that amazon button:

to figure out which pin is pin you would need to measure all pin-to-pin voltages in both states to remove the ambiguity between possible combinations?


Thanks, yeah I did search for it and found this one:

Need to find some dupont wires to bring the actual wiring out for better access.

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