Sharing my Cabinet Design

Hi All,

I had a couple of questions from people about my cabinet, so I thought I’d share some more photos. Happy to answer any questions!

The cabinet is made from Faztek 15-series aluminum, measuring 54.5" W x 28" D x 33" H. I wrote a couple of blog posts on how I built a tool cabinet using the same materials -

At the back, I have an access hole so I can work on pieces that don’t fit inside the cabinet.


The shelf is lower enough to keep the Beaver HDZ inside the frame (barely). Which leaves room for two drawers.

On the left is a fake drawer front, that hides a box that holds all the cables. This box is accessible from the below the left hand side of the Shapeoko.

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I found this Rockler hose clamp, that with a little adjustment fits into the 15-series track. This holds the hose in the right place when I’m run a job.


Finally on the left I have room for a small shelf, which is big enough to keep my laptop.

Below the shelf you can see how few cables are visible. With a little access panel into the box below.


Its a very nice box, but I’m confused why it is so low to the ground. Aren’t you planning to get old? :smiley:


Lol :slight_smile: it’s so it can be pushed under a bench top when I’m not using it. I don’t have room to keep it permanently out-


Can you list the parts you used & dimensions as well, please?

If you check out the blog linked above I do list out 90% of the parts.

For a couple of hundred dollars, you could fit that to a rolling scissor lift and get the best of all worlds. Would be worth it, I would think and would make all the nice work you did, even more usable!


By the way, where’s the vacuum? Do you have to pull it out each time you use the CNC?

I have a separate cabinet with a cyclone for my vacuum:


Nice enclosure. Building an 80/20. Where did you find the blue sound deadener foam at. Does it clean up well in regards to chips and dust that the vac system does not get.

Hi J,

This is the foam I used:

I have found it surprisingly easy to keep clean. When it gets particularly dusty I just wheel it out into the drive way and give it a blast with a blower :slight_smile:

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Ben, did you find the foam to be particularly effective? There’s another thread on here (somewhere) that spells out many ways to reduce the “noise”, and that application wasn’t supposed to do much. Curious.

I don’t have any proof that it does help, but I figured it was worth a shot… A lot of the cabinets I found on Instagram\Pinterest had something similar…

I used a very thin High mass white rollable vinyl material for the lining of my cabinet. It takes no space ( 1/16" thk ) applied easily , cleans well & reflects light and most importantly seems to work really well. I never tried the machine without it , but when I open the door it’s much louder. My vacuum is louder than anything coming out of the enclosure. Here is the link;


Just wanted to chime in, After seeing @Dusty.Tools post, I bought that Rocker adjustable dust hose arm for my setup and it is PERFECT. Highly recommend for anyone with T-Track or Aluminum Extrusion near their machine.


Where did you get it from? Can you post a link, please?

I bought it direct from Rockler:


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