Shipping Status... Pleasant Surprise

I finally managed to get in on a Shapeoko Pro order and based on the shipping status on the Carbide 3D website I thought I had a bit of time to sort out the worksurface for the machine. On the Carbide website it’s showing the shipping fulfillment as “partial” and only the BitZero V2 had the FedEx shipping tracking info so I thought the remaining 3 items from my order were not even shipped yet. Then out of nowhere I get an email from FedEx Trade Network today with a tracking number asking me to fill out paperwork so they can act as my customs broker (US to Canada). The surprise is that it appears that my machine in already in Canada and the estimated delivery date is April 1st… Now I need to get something setup pronto because I do not want to use sawhorses with a plywood and I damn well know I’m not going to be able to leave it in a box while I take extra time to build a table. I just thought I would have seen the tracking info updated under “my account” from the Carbide shop as a head up… I know first world problems but I do see a “Shapeoko Hello World” is in my near future :slight_smile:


Maybe a cruel April Fools joke…

I hope not!

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Didn’t think about the April fools thing but I think it’s understood universally that “One shall not mess with another’s Shapeoko”.


Actually this is starting to concern me. My order has been in customs since last Friday with FedEx tracking status as “Clearance Delay” and sounds like FedEx are going to stick me with a brokerage fee. Although I’m expecting to not have to pay duties under CUSMA. The bitzero shipped same day from California and got here last week. @Griff looks like you called it… April fools day :slight_smile:

Oh man, sorry! I’m rarely right in these sorts of circumstances!

Not C3D’s fault I think.

Agree really not a C3D thing, just part of going through customs. Sometimes you get through no questions asked… sometimes not so lucky. Would have been just nice to get it for the weekend as we go into another lockdown in my area.