Ships wheel designed with Fusion 360

I got started on Fusion last week, played with it for quite a few days and it has a lot of cool features! As usual I spend more time trying to get vertices to snap to grid then anything else…
For me the best way to learn a new editor it is to get lost in a project.
I started with the concept of building something simple for my second piece that I could cut out with the limited tools I have available.
I like the concept of cutting out a jig with the same body as the item to flip it over and carve out the other side. I have experimented with it and I think I have it figured out mostly…
So what started out as a simple ships wheel learning how to use fusion grew into something else and just ate up four days of my life!
I still have some design and cutout work to do but I think it is mostly figured out. The worst was the top piece on the tripod it needs 2 jigs and 3 jig operations.
I guess the best way to combat sharp corners and round bits in a 2d environment is to chamfer every socket inside corner? Not something you deal with in a video game editor lol.

Ingredients are:
32x9.25 x .75 red oak
1/4 x 5/8 sealed bearing
Aluminum 1/4 spacer
.125 pin
1/4x20x 3/4 Allen head socket cap screw
1/4x20 thread tap
4.20x4.20x3/8 6061 aluminum rectangular bar
Black primer and paint or stain
So far I am working with these tools:
1/4 flat, 1/8 flat, 2mm flat, 1.2 mm flat
I have practiced cutting out the wheel with wood and am working on getting the proper tools for aluminum. Would like to make the whole set in both wood and metal.
Will post more pics of actual pieces when I get them cut out.
Having a blast with my Shapeoko, thanks Carbide 3d!

Video of Wheel Cutout


I think it is finished. Ready to start carving if I can get my new HDZ spindle mount to dial in.




Aluminum foil and some patience is what it required from me.
Do you have a picture of the model that was cut out in wood?
Cool project!

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Thanks it went from simple little piece to never ending chore to finish haha… Just got done designing it in fusion, am currently working on tool paths which will prob take 20 hours to process lol… I tried aluminum foil. I ordered shim stock from amazon prime. Might switch back to the silver one with the eccentric bolts.

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Had some big design flaws and a bunch of screw ups but I learned a lot about what to do and not to do.
1 mm bits seem too small, I will re-design depth and inside corners for 2mm and up to 1/2 deep, or 1/8 and up for deeper.
I built my spoil board and work piece too large I needed to account for Suckit ears.
Using a special hs 1/4 router drilling bit was fine in MDF but it burned the Red Oak and might have destroyed the bit. Will use end mills for drilling holes in hard wood.
My friction jigs worked well but I did not realize it was not centered exactly and I destroyed the piece by putting it in bottom up instead of top up. I will change my cutout and jig system to not use frames in the future. 4 small tabs will not do it. Will also design thicker parts less prone to chipping.
Switching from locating pins to magnets since they were not needed anyway due to center box locating the lid, also magnets will keep the lid closed.
Putting a chamfer on every surface except the inside floor edges. Have little wooden razor sharp edges everywhere!
The Red Oak I had laying around for 10 years was warped worse then I thought. I went out and bought some 11.25 wide planks that are mostly straight for the next try.

I designed a 4 piece MDF XXL board for the 1.5 inch bolt pattern aluminum base with out of cut range ledges to have a level workspace for the next production. The picture is top left. I had to lie to the editor to get the 82 degree V cutter to do my countersunk holes right. What a dirtbag!
V2.0 coming soon!


20 hours later… V2.0! lol… (Crickets) Smaller and better! Fits on a 11.25 x 24 piece of Red Oak, which Lowes stocks, if you can find one that is not bent like a pretzel.

Not sure how to adjust tolerances for paint. That will suck!


Finally after many failures got a reliable process figured out for making these 3" ships wheels.
The Bearing race works perfect and it spins very nicely on a 1/4" shaft. Picked up a lot of awesome techniques from my fails. Check out the fit on the jig. It was not coming back out lol. Friction welded.


New wheel jig method
Tool box to hold bearing, spacer and bolt with hold down on lid.
Cut out for Allen wrench
Used available space from new jig method to add clamps for tripod leg jigs.
Switched to tabs, way better for me then onion skins and are removed effortlessly with my table router.

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