Shop Logo etched

Shop logo etched using a 90degree McEtcher in 14ga sheet metal.


Looks good but how long did that take?

2hrs 30mins

There are some black lines where the paint got on the end of the McEtcher but I didnt blow it off. I would every now and then blow the piece off.


I had the same problem with etching some acrylic. Dust sticks to the top occasionally. Ran it twice and it looked much better… But long cut!

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Did you use Carbide Create to do this?

Lines look super clean! Nice.

Recipe in case anyone else wants to try.??

What is the advantage of using the etcher for the whole path, rather than a small end mill followed by the etcher to sharpen all the corners? final surface finish? Of course, you’d need rest-milling to clean up the corners.

I follow the McEtcher with a soft bristle toothbrush and a low pressure blow gun to keep from pushing paint back in the groove.


Yes I used Carbide Create.

I have never tried a small end mill. Just got the etcher not to long ago.

I was blowing it off as it went. Will have to try the toothbrush to next time.