Shop Utility Incra 1000

I have an Incra 1000se miter gauge. I have made a lot of fences over years. The old one was ready to replace. The old one was made on the drill press. Well I have a Shapeoko so I designed the fence and cut two. I find that doing multiples is more productive and usually when you need a new one you are in the middle of another project. You can see the old one was pretty chewed up from recent angled projects. I may change the fences for angled cuts. The multiple holes are so I can move left or right to get a new zero clearance kerf. The Incra 1000 se has been a good investment. The miter gauge as very fine degree adjustment.

I made sure I have 25 inches on the left side to install stop blocks for uniform length on multiple pieces. I may install a piece of t-track on top so i can made a flip stop. Maybe tomorrow right now to work to cut out chair parts.


Well Done! How long have you have this gauge?

I dont really know. Somewhere around 15 years. It came with an extruded fence which I hardly ever use. It stays on my table saw all the time.

Here is the finished, well almost. I made a stop to work on the T-track
I need to make a flip version. Sometimes you need to trim the end of a board but not lose your setup. A flip stop is not hard to make but I am in the middle of another project. I got those projects finished as far as machining parts. I want to get them painted this week if the weather holds. Unfortunately I am getting my second covid vacine tomorrow and some people feel bad for a day or two after the second Maderna shot. So I am planning for the worst and hoping for the best. The first shot made my arm sore but no other effects.

The stop has some mini Miller Dowels to hold the blade to the mount. Miller Dowels are great. I have 2x, 1x and mini sizes. Notice the blade is 1/8 inch short so the dust does not accumulate and hold pieces off from the stop. The front bottom of the fence also has the same 1/8 inch rabbet.
After 45 plus years you learn a thing or two, well hopefully.

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Just curious why you don’t like the extruded aluminum fence…?

The extruded fence is great. It has the 1/32 inch racks for the stops and is adjustable. However you cannot cut through the fence like a wooden one. I use my miter gauge all the time to cross cut and with a wooden fence you can have a zero clearance kerf. With the extruded fence you can cut off the end only and that limits the length of a board you can cut safely. If you had a 4 foot board to cut in half you would have two feet sticking out un supported. With my wide fence Both sides are supported through the cut. My fence if 4 inches tall. My saw can cut up to 3.25 inches. I seldom cut all the way but 2 to 2.5 is common on my saw. This 4 inch tall fence still gives me strength in the fence. Any taller and it becomes hard to hold the board on the other side while cutting. Any shorter and the fence becomes unstable after a tall cut.

I also have an Osbourne with a nice adjustable Aluminum fence with a flip stop but it has the same problem about not being able to cut through it.