Shop vacuum help needed

I’m either looking for idea to make my rigid shop vacuum a enclosure so that it is way quieter
Or another shop vacuum that is already quite
Any ideas

I bought a Festool CT Midi for the sake of its quietness — there have been a couple of enclosures posted which include vacuums.

I have the Fein Turbo I and I’m happy with it. It’s pretty quiet and coupled with a Dust Deputy it works well. It’s also really small and fits on a shelf under my XXL. There are other folks that have built enclosures around different shop vacs that they’re happy with. My personal experience with my Rigid vac wasn’t stellar as it kind of ate itself during a long job and got really “shrieky”, but other folks have had no issues with them. It really comes down to what you want to spend in time and/or money. There’s even someone on the forum that turned a standard upright house vacuum into a decent dust collector. One of the biggest things I’ve seen in successful collection systems is some sort of Dust Deputy in-line to catch most of the chips before they ever reach the vacuum. Dust Deputy is a brand name, there are other separators that also work including homemade versions.


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