Short cuts for copy, paste etc

Just ordered the Pro and learning Carbide Create. I am using a Dell XPS using Windows 11. I noticed the short cuts for working with shapes does not seem to work. The drop down for Edit for copy, paste, etc. does not work when clicking on the function. Any thoughts?

Cut, copy, paste do not use the normal OS clipboard.

It is possible to use the keyboard shortcuts to copy-paste numbers or text into dialog boxes.

The menus can be used on objects w/in Carbide Create, so it will work for example to draw a circle or rectangle or polyline or Curve object or regular polygon in Carbide Create, select it, copy it, then paste it.

Note that the pasted object will be centered on where the cursor is in the drawing area — if the cursor is not in the drawing area, then the object will be pasted on top of the original.

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