Shortcut for homing

I would like to know the short key command for running a homing cycle ($H)
I know I can go to the MDI windows, but I prefer to use a key (f.ex H) in the same way as I use arrows for moving the gantry around
I have search but not find an answer. Hope someone can help

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No shortcut key, sorry.

Why would you want one? This operation is usually carried out only once per session - at the beginning of operations.

Would building and running macros from your keyboard work for you? There is a very simple keyboard macro program called G-Hotkey, which, I think, would be easy to set up. G-Hotkey, which is free, also works for applications that use directx/direct input, so it will work where other programs like Autohotkey will not (unless AH has been updated since I last tried to use it for a directx game). The basic steps would be to assign to the H key these steps: press M to get to the MDI, enter $H, press Enter/Return.G-Hotkey is gui-driven so you don’t have to do any scripting/programming to get it to work. I can’t guarantee it will work; I haven’t had enough need for macros to try it out on CM myself. At least it’s a start.

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I am trying to build i CNC remote (Arcade buttons => I-pac => USB => Computer).

Thanks for input both of you, Think I will give @Boothecus suggestion a try.

Beside homing I can see there is no shurtcut for zeroing. Hope that
G92 X0 Y0 Z0
will do the trick

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I’m pretty sure G92 won’t work — it’s disabled unless over-ridden or sent from w/in a file.

Instead, open the Log window, zero things, and note the commands used there — I think it’s the G54 work coordinate system (which is how the system is able to remember zero after re-starting).

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I will be interested in your remote. I am thinking about doing the same thing, but I’ve been too busy to get started on it. My plan is to use an Arduino Teensy, a thumb joystick (for x and y jogging), a rotary switch for job speed and a bunch of programmable buttons. I have all the parts. Unfortunately, “motivation” is not covered by Amazon Prime.


There have been some pretty cool remotes worked up, and I enjoy using a Wii Remote when I find occasion to grab one.

Agree it would be nice if we could get all the functions mapped to keys — my ideal layout for a Wii Remote would be:

  • cursor pad used to jog in X-Y
  • A and B used to jog up/down in Z
  • plus (+) and minus (-) used to increase / decrease speed increment used for jogging
  • Home button goes home
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Thanks to all of you for help and support.
You have made me go ‘tinkering’ for a while. I believe I will end up with a combination between my i-pac and arcade butoons plus @Boothecus idea with G-Hotkey.

Will let pics and info flow when I have something psysical to show

Another idea I had when I was thinking about this was to include a thin piece of metal (one “leaf” of a thickness feeler gauge) to use for touching off. As I said, I just don’t have the motivation at this time to work on the thing myself.

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I have been working on the drawing for my controller and here is a pic of my first mockup. which willl show in public.

Gray circles are arcadebuttons which light up, when pressed.
With this 5 position switch I will select speed for movements:
A red LED will light up for the speed selected. To confirm or get action I will press ‘move’

Please note that my drawing is not scaled or anything. I was thinking of kind of stuff to my control to box - e.g.
a button to turn light on/off in enclosure
og button to turn vacuumcleaner on/off
But I will mount something like this to back off the controlbox and therefore I belive powercords and all other stuff then a USB connector will messed things up

If you have any input whatsoever please let me know. I will make an update in the thread as soon as I have something to new to bring to forum

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An alternative to the NO switches for x, y and z might be this a thumb joystick. I bought two to build my own device but the parts didn’t come with any motivation so I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I think it would be good to add some programmable macro buttons. I could use that because I have several repeatable projects that always start at the same location and I have those coordinates written on the wall.

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