Should I update my CC/CM software

This sounds like a silly question but bear with me.

I am currently running CC 652 and CM 566 but have been away from the site and my CNC for an extended time for a number of reasons. The result is my software has not been updated.

I am now starting back on my CNC experience. I have a number of projects under the existing software and before I update to the current versions am I likely to face any issues running those old projects. I think there is a different file format in CCV7. Will it still open 652 format files?

I have an SO3 and run CC on a Thinkpad and CM on a Surface 3

I had an issue with tabs disappearing when opening an older file after they changed where tabs are defined. But other than that I have had no issues. Replacing the tabs is easy enough.

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I have stayed on an older version of Motion because the new version is so different.

It’s not bad, but it changed a lot of things that I rely on. The most annoying was that the location of the Rapids changed. Since I had designed my spoilboard and work-holding around the location of South West, that was a deal breaker for me. I won’t upgrade until i have time to rebuild my spoilboard from scratch.

SO3XL owner here. CC7 will open your older files no problem. I’ve always stayed current on CC, but I resisted for a long time on the jump from CM5 to CM6. As @mhotchin says, CM6 is very different than CM5, but the changes are all good and a huge step forward (unless you use rapids like @mhotchin :wink:)

I’m very happy with the switch. My recommendation is “do it”, so you learn the current software and get the new features. This is the best time since you’re blowing out the cobwebs, so to speak. Your forum experience will also be easier since, in my opinion, most of the posts are from people using the current versions.

CC V7 has a lot of new features. Some of them are in v6 CC but v7 is a better product. I have been using CC since v3 and C3D has made a lot of improvements.

CM has also improved and in the most recent versions they changed the work flow. If you update to the latest CM read what the changes are before using the software. It is significantly different and in many ways better.

I worked in enterprise computing and Oracle was always pushing the latest firmware and software versions. However most customers dont want to be on the bleeding edge because they have software and firmware that was working. So there are reasons not to upgrade but for me I try to stay on the latest version. You dont know what you dont know. So if happy stay where you are.

I keep all versions I download so I can back up if I want. Suggest you do as well. You can run both v6 and v7 CC on the same computer and if you have the Pro license it works on both versions.

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