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(Richard Warren) #1

Just wanted to acknowledge the over-and-above support the Carbide 3D provides. I have a very early Nomad Pro that has been little used, when I fired it up a couple weeks ago there was a problem with the spindle not working. Jenny @ C3D responded to my inquiry immediately with troubleshooting assistance, sent parts, arranged for more tech support and has just generally been fabulous.

Kudos to Jenny, Jorge and C3D along with my sincere thanks.


(Don Fuss) #2

Hi Richard,

Did you use a contact other than I’ve had the exact opposite experience, in which the second Nomad that I purchased is behaving strangely. I emailed in on 12/23 and got a quick response, but no resolution. I followed up again two weeks ago and have not heard back. Do you have any suggestions on someone that I should contact directly?


(William Adams) #3

Please accept our apologies for this taking so long. We have your ticket in our queue and unfortunately are having some supplier problems which are making it difficulty to address things.

(Richard Warren) #4

Don all my interactions were with the generic support email address. Sorry to hear you are having issues, my experience has always been great.


(Don Fuss) #5

Hi Will,

I understand and do not mean to complain nor did I intend to hijack Richard’s post. I was just getting somewhat concerned to see my issue rendering my machine unusable go without response for 3 weeks but see others consistently praise the support. In addition to being thrilled with my first Nomad that I’ve used daily for the past year, the praise of the support was also one of the reasons I purchased a second Nomad to expand my business instead of a different machine. I will probably require a third machine later this year, and would hope that this is not the typical level of support.


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