Show me your tablets/computer setup

Show me what you got running? I’m waiting for my nomad3 to arrive but looking for a tablet, 2in1 laptop or all in one pc that takes up minimal space

I’ve used a succession of tablets w/ my machines, starting w/ a Fujitsu Stylistic ST-4110 — currently use a Samsung Galaxy Book 12 as my main machine, and a RasPad v3 w/ Raspberry Pi 4 to run Carbide Motion to control the machine:

Microsoft Surfaces are popular, and are used by the developers for testing, so usually “just work”.

I like to have an active stylus (and rather miss that on the Raspad — use a TrackPoint keyboard so as to have a pointing device)

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I use a Lenovo laptop. It does not have a touch screen but gets the job done.

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Shapeoko is plugged into a m1 mac mini out in the garage. I added a 22" touchscreen out to act as a “pendant” to jog the machine around, load jobs, etc.

Inside my house, I mostly use a dell laptop running linux to interact with everything. NoMachine lets me remote desktop into the mac mini and run various software as though it was really on my laptop. There’s a desktop with some GPUs and whatnot in a closet in case I need to remote in and do some heavy lifting.

For keeping files in sync between the computers, I use a mix of scp, ftp, synology NAS, and SyncThing.

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I design on a Wacom Cintiq and run my shop on a Microsoft Surface Pro. Since my studio is in my house and my shop has it’s own building I have them set up on a network. I run Aspire on both machines so I can make stock appropriate changes on the fly. I utilize Carbide Motion to control the machine. This works very well for me.

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I’m looking to figure out a setup for My Proxxl that just arrived today. Not sure which way to go. To start it will be on a Toshiba laptop.

I also use a Raspad. Its great as a dedicated controller.

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No issues running full blown windows10?

Windows tablets work fine so long as they meet the system requirements:

and there is a USB connection for the machine when there is power connected.

I’m trying to be a cheapass and not drop $200-300 on a tablet if I can avoid it :slight_smile:

Lots of folks use very modest/cheap computer setups for Carbide Motion.

Anything which meets the system requirements should work well.

I have an old MacBook Air with no upgraded memory running CM under the cnc in a drawer with a folder for .nc files that syncs with my main design computer. For jogging I got this 9 button gaming keypad with mechanical keys which is really sweet. Great app to program the buttons. I have up, down, left, right programmed to the obvious keys 2,4,6,8, and page up, page down to the 3 and 9. 1, 5, and 7 on the keypad are assigned 2,3,4. With it you can look at the tip of the bit and control all the movements and speeds without looking away. And the buttons have a nice click. Gonna add a 7” monitor to the side.

Here’s the keypad.

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Mine is a bit overkill for just running the Nomad, but I had all of the electronic components from a past project and decided to make an exercise out of it. I use a Latte Panda Alpha single board computer and the companion 7" touch screen in a custom built built case (mostly machined on the Nomad) with a swing arm mounted to the side of the Nomad.

The LP Alpha is an x86 machine that is roughly equivalent to a Macbook from a few generations ago in terms of processing power and memory, so it could probably double as a light duty CAD/CAM machine as well (but I haven’t tried this).

So far it has worked well for me and I like the clean look of it installed on the Nomad.


I have a really old Lenovo Thinkpad Edge laptop for Carbide Motion and use a Rii Mini i8 Wireless keyboard to do any manual moves when I need to be closer than the laptop.There are lots of similar keyboards that would do the trick but this one was pretty cheap and works well for me.

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Running CM on a 2010 Dell Inspiron 14" Intel i3 laptop upgraded to Windows 10. That’s all it does though,but it works just fine.

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I took an old intelNUC, installed win10 pro, and remote into it from my main shop PC.

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I snapped up a few of these Linx tablets on eBay (not this actual one, it’s just an example):

I’ve put Windows 10 on it. It’s a little slow to start CM but once its going there are no problems.

Repeated plea for C3D to sort out double jog when using touch screen on Windows … please, please…

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lots of ideas. I’ve an old windows surface tablet that cost me $100 used off ebay. Works fine, running Win 10.

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