Show off your Setup! - Workspace Gallery

Oh! A nerf gun to ward off shop intruders! :grinning:

Great work space, thank you for sharing it. Might need to refer back to this for ideas later. Where did you get your floor matting?

I believe that’s a bug assault gun. It shots a small blast of table salt to kill flys and other small insects. My neighbor loves his. Just don’t use it near electronic circuit boards because the salt combined with the humidity in the air can cause corrosion. It will sting the skin at close range.

These are some nice work spaces.

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Yes, is a laser guided assalt gun
Good point about the salt and electronics.


@ProfessorEcks the mats came from Princess Auto up here in Canada, but i have seen them at Homepepot aswell

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I have my basement as my workspace. Really should get some insulation up in the ceiling to cut down on noise the rest of my family has to put up with. Also want to build an enclosure for the laser and vent it outside. That needs to happen in the next few weeks I think. I don’t use the laser a lot yet but having the windows open in the winter will not be an option. I have not been down here much lately so it is definitely messier than I like. I usually clean while I work. Lately I have just come and go grabbing tools for other tasks.


Games on! Nice to see its hockey : )
Great space!
Amazing spaces everyone!

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