Show off your Setup! - Workspace Gallery

There are a ton of really great CNC workshop setups out there…

Every workshop is a special thing. Workshops where we enjoy creating, building and working with our hands… but also spaces where we enjoy hanging out and figuring out that next project. Workshops are personal things, where - no matter your skill level - you’re the expert. It’s assembled by you, for you.

As I’ve been building my own cnc workspace, I got a lot of help from browsing workshop setups posted by other users on this forum - individual stuff like custom enclosures, soundproof vac boxes, custom cabinets, tool storage, computer stands, etc… but also how it all comes together in the shop.

I thought it might be fun to have a single source for a bunch of different setups, all bringing different ideas to the table. I tried searxhing for a multiple workshop gallery thread but couldn’t find one. (Maybe I missed one?) There are many posts out there, and so many hidden gems - would be great to have them in one spot!

TLDR: So… would YOU be so kind as to show off your workshop setup here, and talk about it’s features? You might talk about what you love and maybe what you don’t love about it, or share some wins and mulligans in building it. Bragging allowed (encouraged?), of course professional workshops too. So many good ideas out there!

Even if you’ve shared your workspace before, would be great to see it again. Workshops can evolve over time.
And if you’ve shared in another thread before, could you include a link back to your original post?

Looking forward to seeing your setups! Hope you’ll share


Well I guess maybe this is turning out a bit like a junior high school dance, where we’re all shy about being the first one out there dancing. I get it. Well, maybe if I go out there and start dancing, others will join in? :grinning:

This enclosure cabinet was the first thing I constructed with parts cut on the shapeoko, which was a fun learning challenge. I made it as big as I could, fitting stock onto the shapeoko pro bed that barely fit the width. I love 90% of it, and the other 10% I can live with.
I wish the top could have been about 2” taller. I’ve bonked my head a few times when loading the machine. I’m used to it now, but early on… ugh, every day.
Server-rack switch-box works great. I was worried about capacity but it’s never failed me, nor have I accidentally ever bumped a switch. Highly recommend this if you’re looking for a multi-switch solution and don’t want to screw around with a bunch of wiring. I think it was only like 50 bucks, and has been a pleasure to work with.

I love this setup, everything I need is nearby, and I have a good spot for my computer and cnc related tools. The drawers are about 40” wide and 24” deep. Huge and fit a ton of stuff. All my cnc stuff is in there, plus all my sanding stuff, jigs, etc

I would love to finish things more but this is a workshop and I don’t want to get too precious about the condition of it. It’s sturdy and does the job

I bought these foam panels for soundproofing areas of the box, but they were ugly so I didn’t use them. They do work GREAT as router but storage.

I could get better sound reduction from this if it were lined the inside with foam or carpet, but it’s quiet enough already, and I’d rather see the wood.

Another part of my shop - Workbench top is doubled-up 3-1/2 x16 glulams, bolted together with threaded rod, and planed flat. Could park a truck on it. It’s nice :slight_smile:

My shop is my favorite place to hang out when I’m not busy, and I’m always working on it. I’ve had workshops for 20+ years, but adding a shapeoko to my shop has opened up a world of possibilities and inspiration… kinda like finding a musical instrument that you like to play. Thank you folks at Carbide 3D for making this machine available and affordable.

I originally posted about the enclosure here: A “Soundproof” Shapeoko Pro XXL Enclosure.

Reading back, following up on my design goals: I was going for soundproof above all. I would say it’a succeeded at that, but not by the goals I had set. And “Soundproof” was never a target but 30-40db reduction was.

I use a free app to measure the sound levels, so who knows how accurate, but my normal quiet room noise bumps between 35db and 40db. . Router and vac on with from a couple feet away with the doors open is about 88db. With the doors closed on both enclosures, it’s about 65 and very pleasant to work around. Not my target, but I’m happy. You can’t hear it in the next room, and I can run it at midnight.

Temperature of the vac compartment has never been an issue. I vent it with a couple of enclosure fans from ac infinity. One from the bottom, one from the side. It has a digital readout and a temp probe. It gets a little bit warmer in there but never more than a couple degrees above the room, even running for hours.

Hope you enjoyed this tour!

Now that I’ve shown you mine, won’t you show me yours?


Oh well. Seemed like a fun idea

Don’t know that it’s much to show off, but I just happen to have two pics I took for other reasons.
I am fortunate to have a wife who is glad to have me out of the house so in the back 40, I have three attached together buildings; The first is about 30x40 feet and is for cutting/milling/sanding; The second adjoining

building is 42x28 feet and is where the CNC and assembly of projects takes place; the third I just am now completing that is 26x16 feet and is for finishing work only.

The pics are from the middle assembly area.

The electrical switch box under the CNC has 9 switches and is wired for three different circuits. I separate the electronics from the router and from the dust collector.

I’m contemplating a sound enclosure, but have a concern; I kind of like to hear the cutter working and can adjust the speed/feed if I need faster or slower based on that sound. If I enclosure it and can hear it as well, I’m wondering if I will really like that as much.

The Orange bucket, Home Depot, works great. I get no dust in the cloth filter/bag and 99.9% in the bucket. When cutting out my last project, I filled that bucket twice to the top with no problem or issue. For $39 it is fantastic.

BTW, the drawer fronts on the drawers below the cnc, I cut using the CC Library designs just for fun and testing out new bits.


Frank, this is a great space! Thank you for sharing it. Plus you have a TV, so 1000% cooler already.
Love the drawer fronts, and the use of the 9-outlet rack strip is a pro move. (I have the same on my enclosure :slight_smile: )

Even more pro is splitting it into 3 zones. Have you found that it eliminates disconnects from grounding issues?

I hear you on wanting to be able to hear the sound of the cuts. Tbh, I’m afraid to walk away from mine while It’s cutting because I won’t hear it.
I’ve heard of adding a security camera inside an enclosure to be able to monitor with a cell phone but I haven’t done that myself. Don’t know how well the sound would come through the tiny speakers…

Thanks for liking it. I have a separate 200a feed from the utility company, separate from the house and each section of the shops has its own electrical feed off the main, and its own ground. There are 12 separate ckts in the middle, cnc/assembly section, each with its own ground run back to the main. While eventually all grounds come together at the 200a supply, I’ve never experience (yet?), any issues.

Appreciate the feedback on the sound enclosure question. I’m just really conflicted about it. Maybe it’s because I try to run the machine as fast as I can while making sure the sound doesn’t sound like something is straining to cut/work. I guess I’ll probably have to build an enclosure at some point and see if it works for me.

The TV…really nice for Sat/Sun football while working (playing) in the shop. :smile:
Thanks again.

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The CNC room also is my office at work, so there’s a bookshelf with Plexiglas fronts to keep stuff away from dust.

Wood storage above and below

Doghouse for shopvac

Foam from camp matresses inbetween studs for sound proofing. It’s actually not very loud with the router down to 3.


Window opens and is the same height as work surface to serve as a saw horse for long projects.


I’d love to contribute, but I can’t back up far enough to take a picture of my work area at home.


A work in progress


Looks like a really good start. Love the color.

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Love the Country Store rustic design! Having a whole room that is sound proofed seems like an awesome idea. Could run multiple machines in there

Agree with Frank, the blue color contrast with the white panels looks really cool.
Hard to tell but looks like a fairly low profile cart? How tall?

How ‘bout a pano shot?


Great topic! It’s so fascinating to see all the amazing setups around the globe!

I’m one of the guys that don’t have time, money or space to setup my dream shop. But I have made the best of what I have, and it works fine.
I have a little shed on my veranda where I keep my beloved shapeoko.


This is mine. Never mind the mess :slight_smile:

Note that the aluminum table is not rigid enough as it is for the mass of the HDM. It shakes a bit with rapid movements. I’m not sure if that will show up in results, but I might have to add a few more cross braces.


It’s not the size, of your shop, that matters, it how you use it. :smile:

A CNC used in a small space is always a lot better that one sitting un-used in a large space.

Keep having fun!!


Yeah. The store sign and some other stuff that i end up saving. Love keeping history around of the 75 year old camp i work at, even as i am the guy who makes the new signs.

Walls are rough sawn because it’s cheap. We’ve got a mill and hundreds of acres.

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Here is my work in progress. What a mess.

The area is 28 x 20. When I started this venture it was knee-deep with sh#@ that I said, “I may use this someday”. A ton of it went to the dump, a ton went to be recycled. Only made 50 bucks on the recycling. Cost me 150 for the dump run.

My machine, 3d printer, copy machine, Microwave, and of course the beer cooler, err um water cooler.

Wood stove to hide the evidence of my screw-ups.

Old countertop to become the Radial Arm table

I created holders for pencils and tape measures for each piece of equipment. Can never find one, so I have one at each tool.

A project that is nearing completion… The 32 has a new motor and is nearing disassembly to be dipped and repaired for paint. Should be done in a few years, that’s how near I am.

And a shameless plug for my son’s racing team on the cup.

Almost everything is on wheels to move out so I can use it. Lots of ideas, and dreams of how I want it completed. Tubes for the dust collection, Air piped every 5 feet on the walls.

This has been fun to look at various setups. Some ideas to look at that might help.


The corner of the garage my S4 and i call home…