Showing My Shapeoko XL at Portland Mini Maker Faire

I will be showing my Shapeoko XL at the Portland Mini Maker Faire on September 10th & 11th, 2016. I will be demonstrating cutting out simple shapes and encouraging others to get into the CNC hobby. If anyone is in the Portland, OR area, please drop by and say hi. One of the things I will be showing is my dinosaur, carved with my Shapeoko


Will you be there today, Sunday? Tim Burton, Salem

Nice dinosaur! Did you share the files somewhere?

Sorry I didn’t respond in time to be useful, but yes, I was there both days. Am now totally exhausted. The Shapeoko XL was well received and I had a blast carving people’s names into pieces of scrapwood.

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I have plans to share the dinosaur files, but have been cramped for time. Glad you liked them. Three years ago I drew a dancing dinosaur that I figured I could someday carve (I posted the animation to ); one of the first things I did with my Shapeoko was to recall the parts file for the animation and redraw it in Carbide Create. Will hopefully share them with-in the next couple of weeks.

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