Shutting down to home

I have a 3xxl, when it goes home to shut down it goes to the back right corner. It’s there a way I can make it go to the back left corner as home when shutting down?
Reason being is i am building an encloser for it and it will be much easier to bring the vacuum hose in from the top left then the top right. Plus my X,Y,Z starting location is btm left , that’s where 90% of my work starts from.
Thanks JD

Home relies on the limit switches. It syncs the hardware and software. If you wanted to change home to the left you’d probably have to reprogram the controller and move the limit switches. I don’t beleive there is an easy answer

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10/4 that’s what i was thinking but thought i would ask.
Thanks for the input…JD

Knowing how our master programmer’s brain works, I don’t think you can change it. It’s baked into Carbide Motion. For 99% of people, this is the best way to go because when you turn your machine back on to home, it’ll reach the switches almost immediately.

You can however create your own quick action to run from the main/idle screen that will send your machine to whatever point you want. Then power off your machine.

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Or in Jog Rapid, move it to the back right before you shut down.

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