Sig Sauer P226 DA/SA grips

I’m looking for a 3D model for Sig Sauer P226 DA/SA grips. Any help is appreciated.

Usually this sort of thing is up on if not, check in w/ Defense Distributed or

Since Carbide 3D doesn’t have an FFL, any firearms discussions will have to be limited to things which do not require an FFL — grips and accessories which don’t require tax stamps should be okay, hence this thread being reopened after I went and checked.


i recall @Griff doing some 1911 grips a while back. maybe he’s aware of other models?

best bet is to check around on the gun forums. sometimes the FAQ or Stickied threads will have the files or link to their location.

Thank you for the information. I’ll check them out.

Thanks for the links.

@Jerry39, sorry can’t help with files. I learned grips are pretty simple to model in Fusion 360 if you are familiar with offset planes and lofting, I wasn’t at the time. All you need are some basic dimensions. I’ve since learned the Surface space in F360 can be helpful.

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Thank you for that helpful info. I’m in process of learning to use F360 for my grips project.

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