Signmaking with my kids

We have been homeschooling for a few years now and I wanted to incorporate some kind of shop/vocational skills subject with them. The CNC seemed like a great way to get them involved without need to fully engage with a power tool they can’t handle.

For this first try I also wanted an excuse to build my own skills an experience with CCreate and running jobs in the machine. It truly was a learning experience with two failed jobs and my own shameful experience of changing tools in jog mode. gasp

I had them all draw up what they wanted and then we worked together to translate their ideas into something millable from svgs in the stock library and what we found online. Overall I’m pleased with where I ended up skill wise, and they love their creations.


There are a lot of kids and their parents that do not know how to do anything. If their car breaks they take it to the shop. If the refrigerator quits running they call appliance repair. That is not to say that a qualified service person is not needed but I like to know what is wrong before I send my work to someone else and if I can fix it for nothing better.

So it is very good that you are teaching your children how to actually do something besides look at a phone.


These came out amazing! They must have loved seeing their designs turned into signs!


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