Simple 3D pocket question

I’m new to CNC. I have a flat piece of wood with a curved end. I want to insert it into a base. I need to cut a contour into a base that cuts a curve vertically into the wood. a depth of zero on the ends and 50mm in the center. What model tool do I use? What is the best way to get it done?

Probably this would most easily be done using a 3D CAD tool such as:

Could you post a photo of the wood in question and a sketch showing what you are trying to achieve?

Alibre Atom3d v28 was just released…looks like they’ve got a promotional sale on for a couple days.


Here is what I am looking for. Sorry about the drawing.

I downloaded the trial and it looks pretty good. It works with my brain a lot better than some of the other packages I have tried.

With that discount, it’s something like $163 for the lower end package. (Not including the MeshCAM) piece)

Not understanding — is that the piece of wood which exists or what you wish to cut?

Ignore the one on the left, bad pic same thing. I want to take a 2x2 block of wood and have a bit drill down in an arc. leaving something close to what is shown.