Simple Bit zero question

can i use the bit Zero to probe for XYZ, then use it again to find Z (on the spoil bottom board this time) but still retain X and Y from the first probe?


If only one axis is probed for, only it will be changed.

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Once you set any Zero on X Y or Z it is remembered through power cycles. It is always advisable to go into Jog with rapid positions but the inductive homing switches are very repeatable. Make yourself a 6MM block to check the Z+6MM rapid position.

OK thank you! Great idea, i will make the 6mm block. cheers mate

I have a 6mm hex key sitting on the bench I use to check z+6. Easy.

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The 6MM Hex wrench is ok but remember carbide is strong but very brittle so hitting it with a tool steel wrench too hard could knock off a chunk of carbide.

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such helpful information, thanks everyone!!

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