Simple First Project

(Edward Ford) #1

Here is another box tutorial I made to share with anyone looking for an easy project to run on their machine.

I used 3/8" (9mm) baltic birch and finished it with English Chestnut stain, then a clearcoat to seal it in. After making this project I’m really thinking about making a bunch of these to store all of my random supplies in. Adding text to any of the faces (to help identify the box) woudl be trivial and a nice way to keep everything organized.

Here’s a link to the project, including design file and gcode:


(Daniel Loughmiller) #2

cough Carbide Create Wizards cough

(Edward Ford) #3

cough cough we’re on it cough cough :+1:

(Rick Miller) #4

I thought I might try creating some of these joints so experimented with clearances. A .002" clearance (slot .004" wider than the tab) gives me a nice tight fit that can probably be used without glue. A .003" clearance is a nice slip fit with room for glue. How does that line up with your design?