Simple inlay problem

Hi - I’m trying out the simplest of inlays, and am running into a problem. I’ve created a rectangular vector with a radius, and pocketed it out. Great. Then I’ve taken the same vector, done a contour cut-out on different stock, using outside/right offset in the contour tool path. Same 1/4" bit. But the contoured piece is smaller than the pocket by about .125" (.0625 on all sides).

Any thoughts as to how I easily take a simple rectangular vector, cut a pocket and a matching piece to fit in it, would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Post the files?

Big thing is to make sure of using an outside contour.

First question: did you specify the correct bit for the contour cut?


So I ran the test again, and it worked, with the pieces mating perfectly. I think the issue was that I had resized the canvas/workpiece size in job setup when switching to the inlay piece, which I had assumed wouldn’t affect the vector size. Also, had switched back and forth between metric/imperial. Not sure, but am guessing it was one of those that caused the problem. Thanks for the input.

If your project is straight walled then you figured it out. On most inlays you are using a vee bit and you want the start depth to be at least .1. The reason is if you make the female pocket and the male inlay the same size and start at the top of the material the male inlay will not fit into the pocket very far. By the start depth of the male inlay starting at .1" the inlay will be slightly smaller than the pocket and you will get the inlay to seat down into the pocket for a good glue surface.

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