Simple Instructions for a simple mind

I really want to purchase a Shapeoko Machine. Before I buy, I want to be sure I can make it work. The work I want to accomplish is to capture open source line art and create a page in CC, slightly edit the picture, then send it to the machine. I believe, I will build my operating skills from there.

Is there a way to accomplish this in a very simple way ?

Please email me if you know the solution:

Thank you in advance.



Open the file in Inkscape
View in wireframe mode — View | Display mode | Outline
Adjust/edit as necessary including adding geometry as needed
save as SVG
open the SVG in Carbide Create
select toolpaths and set CAM operations as desired
clamp stock in place
install appropriate endmill
zero machine relative to stock
send file


If you can post a link to a specific example file and an example of what you’d like to achieve I’d be glad to work up specific directions.

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Here is where I get hung up. Inkscape has 47,063 separate menus (hyperbole). Can you do a step-by-step how to get to point Sierra from point Alpha? My frustration has been when people on the forum say “Just view it in frizzlequam mode and then convert it to haslet and save.”

A much more helpful tool would be “Go to [view] [IMC] [NAV] [EFIS] [Convert]”. THAT I can follow and learn from. To you, this may seem like child’s play, but many of us are trying to learn an entirely new language without a dictionary.

This is not a criticism…just an observation from somebody who now has a CNC machine as a doorstop after giving up.

One feature which I really miss from NeXTstep is that most apps had an option which would explode all the menus onto the screen, allowing one to read them incrementally.

View | Display mode | Outline

Please see for some further information on this and

for a step-by-step tutorial.

Also see the previous discussion:

and, FWIW, I normally do instructions so:

Open the PDF in Inkscape. View | Display Mode | Outline. Adjust as necessary.

Save as SVG

Open SVG in Carbide Create and do CAM

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