Simple Instructions To Run Job W/Multiple Tools With Motion 4.12

CARBIDE 3D USING MULTIPLE TOOLS with Carbide Motion 4.12
The machine will remember your last offset position even if the power is turned off

  1. Save your G Code as Multiple Files. One for each type of Tool for the Job
  2. Example: G Code 1 for ½ cutter and G Code 2 for ¼ inch cutter
  3. Home the machine and run your G Code 1 file as usual.
  4. Turn off the Machine and close Carbide Motion
  5. Change your cutter to the cutter used for G Code 2
  6. Turn on Computer and Power on Machine
  7. Load Carbide Motion
  8. Click on “Connect to Cutter”
  9. Click on “Jog”
  10. Click on “Continue” to Home Machine
  11. Click on “Rapid Position”
  12. Click on “Current Offset (XY)”
  13. Click on “Done”
  14. Move Z Axis down to Touch Point on work Piece (Z-)
  15. Click on “Done”
  16. Click on “Set Zero”
  17. Click on “Zero Z” (or Clear All Offsets if you want to clear previous Offsets)
  18. Click on “Done”
  19. Click on “Done”
  20. Click on “Load New File”
  21. Click on “Run”
  22. Load and Run the G Code 2 file

I do the same, but I never power down anything PC or CM or SO3 between files. I do re-home every so often. Is there some reason I’m missing to restart everything? I’ve yet to have any issues hitting the same X/Y, and I set Z every time just like you. The only two issues I’ve had is that the “load” screen in CM4 doesn’t always show the correct filename, but the “run” screen always does. Second issue is if I jog too far forward, or retract Z too far everything stops (as in I have to power down and restart my SO3, but not CM. Not EMI related, my router is usually long ago shut off before I do a tool change). Other than that I always make a new file for each operation, even if it’s the same tool, for example:


I make a folder for all of my C3D/VCF/SVG/PNG files, then in that folder I create a folder called “gcode”. So only gcode files for that specific project are put in there. Breaking every operation into it’s own file makes it easier to diagnose problems, and also makes re-running a project faster (and without hand editing) if I need to restart a particular operation (especially V carves as sometimes I’ll run the same twice to remove excess fuzz on some woods).

This is good stuff, it’s great to see how different folks run their machines, keep it coming!



Guess you dont have to power down everything. Just makes it easier to manually move the carriage/spindle to change the tool. I havent encountered any of the other issues you mentioned. Maybe try that and see if it eliminates the other issues you are having.

I like the idea of making a separate file for each operation. I might try that. Or at least group similar operations to gether. Even for the same cutter.


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