"Simple" Suggestion / Request: Report current toolpath and max depth/toolpath in case of disconnects

I’d bet this is something a lot of folks could use - and it would be simple to add in:

Due to the occasional disconnects that people experience, there is often a desire to restart where the system dropped. To be able to do that (since there is no “restart from” yet), I often check in - as a long job is running - and mark down the toolpath that’s running and the current “Z” depth. This allows me, in the case of a disconnect, to create a new job (from the old) that starts on that toolpath - and at that depth - and continues. The new job effectively restarts somewhere close to where it went down. It cuts a little air - but not that much - and then goes on.

So the simple request is: have CM keep track of where it is (toolpath and max depth for that toolpath) and, in the event that the job loses connection, add that information (toolpath and max depth achieved within that toolpath) to the “lost connection” message.

“Lost connection during Roughing Pass 3; having cut at a maximum of .375” depth"

If I saw this message, I could edit my job, disable all paths up to Roughing Pass 3 and then set the start depth of Rouging pass 3 at .375. Everything after that would remain the same. I would save it as “job restart”; load and go.

This would enable us to know where to restart the job without having to keep going back and recording the status manually. Or having to start the job from the start.

I think this would be a big plus with little cost/risk - and will be a temporary work-around until restart is actually implemented.


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@WillAdams Can you please move this to the CM Feature Request section? I meant to put it there. Sorry.


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I think this would be a nice feature to added for sure.

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