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Hi, I am having issues with simulation. I am new to CNC Machines, and i have started testing it with a very basic thing. I want to cut letter in brass, but when I click on Simulate it gives me a totally different thing. I have read, that it behaves oddly with small stock but It will cut currently, but that is not my case. In the simulation as a part of what i see, I am getting a rectangle and a small hole which is not part of the design, but when I run it expecting to see my design, it cuts the small hole shown in the Simulation. Can someone pleas help me with this issue? Thanks,

Letter (402 Bytes)Letter A.c2d (5.3 KB)

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I believe you have some sort of difficulty in how you are applying toolpaths — please post your .c2d file.

It may help to review:

It may be that you’re getting a bad preview due to the optimization pass discarding small features — the blue Toolpath lines are an accurate indicator though.

Or, it may be that the accent is confusing things — please post the file.

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Thanks for your help!

I have posted the file. Thanks

In this case, I’m not seeing any successfully applied toolpaths other than the one which cuts out the center of the ring accent.

If you go down to a #122 endmill for the other two paths you can get:

which has toolpaths which look like:

Thanks WillAdams,

I am pretty sure I am not creating the toolpaths correctly since I am new to all this, but It has to be something wrong with the simulation, since I keep seeing a small rectangle in the SImulation view that it isn’t part of my desing (just a simple shape). I have only added a circle and created a pocket in the toolpath for the circle, I click on simulation, and again I see the darker rectangle.

Please see below. Thanks

The rectangle you’re seeing is an artifact of Carbide Create being limited in the minimum size which it will preview.

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