Simulation Surface texture

I find it hard to see the details in amongst the wood grains. The grains are great but can hide some of the details. I try to use alum. brass. MDF but still there is a grain. I find I am bouncing from grain to grain to try to see the details

I am suggesting “none” or non grain, just a simple grey tone topographical simulation. light grey to dark grey, or similar. Something so you can see the details better without all the grains getting in the way. Maybe a couple of simple colours, topographical or heat map ish. Maybe these might help a bit to see the details more.


I seldom use the wood grain backgrounds in the simulation. I use Alum for almost every simulation. I agree that most of the backgrounds are way too busy.

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And it seems less controllable in the 3D editor. It sometimes shows one background sometimes another. I don’t know if it was based on the last selection in the normal simulation view of if I am just crazy.

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Even the Aluminum has a grain :slight_smile:
I know having a better ( less bust) simulation background wound have saved me some wood :slight_smile:

+1 I also use Carewright Designer and you can turn off the grain and it makes it a uniform “wood brown” color. Makes it SO much easier on the eyes.

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