Single Block capability

I see older posts requesting a Single block / line execution. This post is to revive that concept.
Options I have seen or thought of

Add M01 to every other line
Use the MDI to send each command

Any other hacks ?

I use Notepad++ for text manipulation.

Here is an example of finding a newline then a G character

This is a replace newline G with a newline M01 then newline G

Use Quick Actions? There’s a bit of overhead for one-off things, but you can edit your block and think about it before executing it…


Will that except multiple lines and allow a paste from the clip board ?
My machine is not operating as yet, so I can not test.

I have a user defined Quick Action for spindle warm up using multiple lines of code, Written on Mac OS Notes app and copied to CM Quick Actions. No problems at all.

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That works for me.
A single block capability would still be the way to go.
Thanks !

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