Single flute endmills for wood?

I’ve used single flutes for cutting aluminum, just curious how well single flute endmills handle cutting wood? I’m looking for a endmill with a 1 1/2’ cutting length and the only ones i can find on amazon canada are spe brand single flutes. I plan on making a box out of 1 1/2’ stock by running a deep pocket operation then making a matching lid. It’s likely going to be out of either maple or walnut is that makes a difference.

I’ve been using a #282Z in wood for fine detailing and cutting small dogbones and it has worked well.

I use a melin brand 1/4 upcut bit that has 1.5" cutting length. I got on it is a 2flute bit with 4 inch oal.

For some reason I cannot access to give you part number will post later

I bought a ton of O-flutes for machining aluminum, work great for wood as long as you adjust your F/S.

That’s good to know, thanks!

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