Single Line Cuts in 4 Parts?

Hey everyone!

I’ve got a curvy cut path that was made in pieces (multiple connected lines). How do I make it so it acts as 1 solid line when it cuts? I tried grouping them, nope. Exported as an SVG, reimported. Nope. Took that SVG into Inkscape and joined them. Nope, it just closed it.

It always leaves bumps or ridges where the lines connect and there isn’t one in the file. If this was cut as one line, I’m sure this would go away.

tail.c2d (15.6 KB)

Matt, not sure if this helps or not, but there is a slight gap between your 2 vectors. This may be causing some of your issue.

Move them closer together, overlapping if need be

And then with both vectors selected, choose “join vectors”

And now they are one vector… and should carve better…

that’s my 2 cents.



Try selecting all the lines and then create an offset to the outside.

Then join the two sets with a polyine at each open end.

You can then select all the vectors and join vectors as described above by Jeff. Once joined you can click off the vectors and then the vectors should not be purple.

Then select all vectors and edit the nodes. You can then edit and smooth any nodes. Don’t worry about the new offset line you created just your original lines.

Create your tool path cutting on the inside of the lines. depending on the diameter of your cutting tool you may need to increase the offset to either cut it all out or leave a little material and add tabs. I usually secure the material on both sides of the cut and do a few tabs in an area easy to clean up.


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Thanks for the replies!

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