Single Line Font

I have been searching for a while on how to make or use a single line font.

These of course are fonts where the characters are defined by single lines rather than two outlines - inner and outer.

By using these single line fonts a person can engrave and CNC type much cleaner and faster.

However, I have found it hard to find these fonts in general let alone a reliable work flow with commonly used programs.

When I found this website, I thought I was in luck. After purchasing the “Humanist” font I found it worked flawlessly in Adobe Illustrator and Carbide Create. It really make integrating type with projects much easier.

Although it’s paid it is worth it! Considering how simple it is and how helpful it is wouldn’t it be great to see this bundled with Carbide Create or something like that?

In the attached picture you can see the words “bold” near the bottom feature the single line font. Very clean for my wood burning mod!

Other single line fonts:

You can use the Hershey fonts in Inkscape:

Or a commercial or other font which approximates a single line font — one technique is to V carve a monowidth font with rounded ends.


For the commercial option see:

When I went to the above link and clicked on download the .zip file I got the dreaded 404 Not found error. (115.8 KB)

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Thank you for the file. It may be my Windows but when I extract your zip (and downloaded from the site) most of the fonts are very pale and large dots in between the latters. I tried to copy but the forum changes the font to their default font.
Thank you for taking the time to upload. I created a word processing doc in LibreOffice and output to a pdf. The font was 1CamBam_stick_4

Does your font look like this.

cambamfonts4_example.pdf (4.1 KB)

The fonts look like that in SVG editors (Inkscape et al) since by default they will have a “fill” but no “stroke”.
So when you initially add them they look like this:

But if you remove the fill and set a stroke (here 0.1mm) , they look like this:

I use these a fair bit - just a no-offset toolpath with an endmill of your choice. They look like this (in brass):


NICE and clean ! is this on a Shapeoko or Nomad ?

It’s done with a Nomad with a tapered 0.25mm endmill (linked) cut to a depth of 0.3mm.


There is some kind of problem in the Vectric Vcarve Desktop editor with the “Stick” fonts mentioned above. When adding a text object, Vcarve has a choice between TrueType or Single Line. These fonts are installed as TrueType fonts and don’t show up in Windows as Single Line fonts, although they function as single line fonts when carved.

Normal letters/numbers don’t indicate a problem, but most other characters won’t display or display a “!” character. The way to make them display correct characters (for me) has always been to change the option from TrueType to Single Line and back. Don’t change the font selection, just change and change back. That’s when the characters typed will be displayed.

I don’t know why that happens. AFAIK its Windows. :smiley:

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