Single line fonts for small text

I’m new to CNC and am trying to produce ornaments with small text. Does carbide create have single line fonts so that the letters can be produced cleanly? If not, are there some single line fonts that others have used in the past that would work? Just a plain straight font without serifs.

Carbide Create does not have single line fonts.

You can use them in Carbide Create by setting them in a tool which will export to a DXF or SVG and importing them.

One tool which does have support for single line fonts is Inkscape:

which has a plug-in for the venerable Hershey Fonts:

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A font that I have used that is not single line, but is extremely narrow is this one:

I just do a No-Offset contour on it. The ‘Bone’ here is 1" across the middle, text carved with a 1mm bit:


That is a nice plaque. Did you laser the dog or cnc cut and fill with paint?

CNC (Advanced VCarve) and oil-based stain for the larger plaque. The ‘bone’ was planed to thickness, painted, then carved with downcut mills.

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Thank you all for the feedback! We ordered a few smaller bits and tried again today. We are still having the letters leave small pieces of wood in the center. The wood is poplar. We used the 502 Engraver. The font is Malgun Gothic at .400". We used the 102 endmill to cut the edge. It is supposed to be so rough after the cut? I hope the picture uploads correctly.

For a smoother edge in wood use a downcut tool such as the Amana #46200-K we include in:

Are you using the V-Carve or Advanced V-Carve toolpath? If so, run the tool path a second time. Usually that helps clean out the cut. A tooth brush will help too. Just looking at the cut it looks like your using a no offset contour tool path.

Poplar is the softest hardwood. Softwood tends to have fuzzies. Plus when cutting across grain the fibers are unsupported and tear out even on hard hardwoods. As @WillAdams suggested use a down cut bit if you have one. If not sand sand sand. Just be careful not to remove shallow detail in carving. C3D does not make a down cut vee bit but a company makes Groover Jenny down cut vee bit.

Try a light sanding and a stiff nylon brush followed by a vacuuming, rinse repeat.

Hi, yes, we were using the Contour. All these options are so confusing. :upside_down_face:
we will try your suggestions. Thank you for the feedback.

we will have to order this bit. Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback! We are looking for a cherry (I think that is harder) but couldn’t find it locally.

Look up hardwood suppliers in your area. Failing that Rockler, Woodpeckers and a lot of other people sell wood on the internet. Order and they ship it. Personally I like to pick out what I want. Cherry is popular with cabinet supply dealers. Usually they sell to cabinet makers but most will sell to an individual if you call and ask. You can also see if there are any cabinet builders and they might give/sell you some scrap cherry.

No doubt, look at Ocooch Hardwood.

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