Size for Shapeoko Pro Table

I am about to start buildng a rolling table for a Shapeoko Pro XXL. I know what the deminsions are accordong to the website, but how much extra room should I allow when trying to put an enclosure over it.

For example:

How tall is it fully assembled with the Z Axis fully raised?

How much room do I need on the sides?

What about extra space for the hose to connect to the dust boot?

They’re pretty spot on for the footprint sizing. The question about the dust collection will really depends on how you’re managing the hose. The boot will move it wherever the spindle goes, but I made the mistake of putting my hose minder on the side on the table (table is only 2" extra on all four sides), and when the table finishes a job or is initializing, it can punch the hose with the X-Z gantry.

I’ve since just put a couple hooked on the ceiling on which to suspend the house independent of the cart.

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You’ll want additional space beyond the 19" so that you can load stock.

Extra space on the sides is helpful, but not strictly necessary, save that you need an extra half inch at least for the electronics enclosure.

For the dust hose you’ll need for it to be able to move everywhere — folks have worked up various arms and so forth to allow for it.

Julien has some comments about enclosure height on the forum. You want it tall enough to reach inside without bumping your head. This is so you can clean and do maintenance without having to remove your machine from the enclosure. Side Panels that open could fix this. As Aaron suggested the dust collection hose has to be able to reach all four corners of the enclosure without draping over your gantry and/or router. I built a dust boom for an XXL and had it about 2 feet above the router so the hose has room to move without getting tangled up on the gantry. A central top location is best but that may not be possible with your design. I bought PeachTree 2.5" very flexible hose to help with having enough give to stretch but not so rigid that it would pull on the router dust boot.


Over a number of iterations, I have come to use :

150cm / 59" for width

130cm / 51" for depth

100cm / 39" for enclosure height above the table


Enough clearance on the sides and back for clean-up, tall enough to never bump my head, and just enough space at the front of the machine to act as a dropped bit (cushioned) landing zone as well as a place for general mess, wrenches, pens, post-it notes, clamps, etc…
The top of the enclosure rests on top of table, so those dimensions include space for the 3/4" walls all around.

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