Size of Export image larger than Actual Image

I have created a design in Carbide Create and the dimensions are 14 inches wide by 36 inches long. I am exporting this image to an SVG file so I can import it into Fusion Software (CAD Software) so we can cut it out on our Plasma machine. When I import the SVG file into Fusion the dimensions of the image are now 14.944 inches wide by 38.411 inches wide. Why does it grow in size when I export the file. I have tried exporting “All Items”, “Visible Items” and “Selected Items”; the results are all the same. Is there a way to export the design out of Carbide Create and maintain it’s actual size?

Post your .c2d and .svg files?

Check that dpi is same on both export and import software. I don’t use either but I know that’s true in other softwares.

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