Skittle Jelly Bean Machine

Back in the garage now that summer is over… love my shapeoko.


Taste the rainbow, taste the Skittles. Nice project. Is this for yourself or a present?

For the last year I am borderline diabetic. When I used to go the grocery store I had the pick of anything on the shelf. Nowadays I have to say NO to most of the products in the store. So when you are young consume all the sweets you want but when you get old not so much.

I like your racing stripe lamination. The magnets will hopefully keep the Skittles from spilling all over the table when it gets knocked over, and it will get knocked over. Very nice presentation. Now for version 2 you need the Skittles/Jelly Beans to slide down a curved ramp.



Thanks @gdon_2003 i am actually a salt kind of guy. I struggle with unavoidable desire for design, vision and seeing the results. unfortunately still have a lack of ability to market, give away or see all i do as fire wood :slightly_smiling_face: Hope this finds some direction.

I am a woodworking club in Nacgodoches TX. One of my club members turns and makes ornaments and is participating in a Christmas on the Square in Crocket Tx. Crocket is a small town and like most East Texas towns has a central square. He supplements his retirement income with his turning.

Go to some of the Christmas markets this time of year and see what is selling. There are things like Facebook Market and Etsy but you have a lot of competition. The local markets will yield results and have some cards ready for people that are not ready to buy.

I have been retired for 9 years and thought about selling things but it is a grind. You make products all week and then every weekend you are on the road living in a hotel and paying table rentals so it becomes a JOB again. I am over a JOB and do what I like when I like. However if you are younger you can fund your shop with these side hustles. There are millions of things you CAN make but make what you like and see if that sells. If not see what other people are selling and change your product. You could always just make stuff and give it away. We used to have a Habitat for Humanity store in Nac but it closed. I made a few things and donated it to them to sell to fund the charity.


Thank you Sir, great advice. I have found a great appreciation for donations of signs for animal rescue charities in our area. Definitely when it comes to pets, folks will buy and spend… However, signs are awesome, but now finding a passion for multiple pieces making up 3d objects. Cheers, thanks.

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