Slams forward on start

So I went to start a project, probed the corner and all on an shapeoko xl as soon as I click start on the computer, the machine slams forward and starts at that point. Wassup with that?

CNC machines are only as smart as you tell them to be. Meaning you program them and tell them where to go. I clearly start by looking at your program. (and your settings)

Help me help you, I don’t know what forward is on a CNC machine. I know THE DIRECTION OF X negative, and Y negative, and the negative is as well as the corresponding positive directions. But forward? Not a clue.

Ok. My apologies. Y negative. It come all the way fast, slams into the frame then the Z axis starts moving

Are you sure you have your work zero in the CAM software at the front left corner?


Dang you are smart Neil! Good catch. I had it top left lol…stupid me


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