Slideshow on the "Traveling Salesman Problem"


hopefully it will help folks understand the underlying concepts.

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Thank you Will.
Another morsel of info regarding this problem we encounter.

Which method does CC use?

There are several other factors that come into play. TSP looks at fixed points only.
If the optimization could choose the starting points on each vector, as well as calculate the shortest route, it could more than double it’s efficiency.
For example, with all the starting points at 9 O’clock, the shortest route here is 3.
Let the algorithm pick the starting points & get it down to 1.4


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I know that the results of Vectric software toolpath generation is frustrating to watch at times. The output almost seems random in places, since I have little clue as to how it was generated. One can select various starting points etc., but if one chooses to use features, such as automatic layer selection of vectors, all bets are off.

The end result is the same, but tedious to watch the process. Vectric holds this type of information very close-to-vest, and probably for good business reasons.

The thing is, if someone had a real solution here, it would be worth publishing it since doing so would advance human knowledge.

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