Slot milling difficulties

Does anybody has experience using a slot mill?

I used mine first time today and it scared the swarf out of me.

First, it is really long! I’ll probably cut the shank shorter.
Second the teeth geometry is changing. One facing up and the next facing down. I guess the changing tooth geometry and the small chip load caused the unusual sound.

My 6 flute slot mill has a 10mm diameter head, 2mm flute length, and 6mm shank. So it can go 2mm sideways in the material.

I used:
0.1 mm stepower
10000 RPM
1000mm/min feed that resulted in a 0. 0166 mm feed/tooth. I know this is closer to grinding than to milling but it sounded really weird. I did not dare to push it harder.
Material: AlMgSi 0,5

Any suggestions other than I should use a lathe? :smile:

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