Slotting with a ball endmill

I’d like to use a ball endmill to make this half circle slot/groove.

I can’t find a suitable operation that would let me do that. Is it doable in Fusion 360?

I was doing something somewhat similar and the advice I got was to make a pocketing operation and as long as the geometry is just a hair larger than the bit you’d get the effect you wanted.

The other benefit is both sides of the cut will be the same, if you did it in one pass one side would essentially be a climbing cut and one a conventional cut since the bit would be cutting in opposite directions on each side.

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The thing is it doesn’t let me select the groove like you’d expect. I don’t understand why.

If you cut a pocket that is .001mm wider than the bit how would you visualize the resulting shape?

I haven’t used f360 for milling operations yet but there may be a groove option but I’d expect it to be a variant of a 2d contour maybe?

@idank Can you share the Fusion file? Is the slot .25" wide?

It is

There is a 2d slot operation but I can’t get it or any other operation to properly select the groove.

Found the solution, it’s around 1:40 in the screen cast over here. Never would have figured it out alone.

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Another method: Lay a path (centerline of the cut) and use the trace tool (2d trace). Lay the path on a work plane below the surface by the appropriate depth for the cut.

I have used this method for doing things like making pockets in cases for micrometer standards and extensions.