Slow Plunge Rate for Z from retract height

I have been playing around with CC for a few weeks now and I think its a great bit of software, and I love how quickly you are updating it and taking on board suggestions.

I notice that CC go to the retract height quickly (G0), but when it comes down it moves from the retract height to the new cutting depth at the plunge rate (G1), which can be quiet slow in a lot of air.

I think it would be better for it to move from the retract height to Z=0 with a G0 code, and then from Z=0 to the new depth using G1

Bonus marks if it knew what level the material was at that position (e.g if its already cut a load out), then it could G0 to the top of the new work surface at that position not just Z=0.

I think this could speed some jobs up a quiet a lot.

I also noticed that it does a move to the tool path zero at the very start of a job as an X Y Z, I think it would be much safer for that to be 2 lines with the Z retract first, followed by the X Y move.

Sorry if its already been mentioned and added to a road map, but I couldn’t find a road map to check before I posted. If this is one, please feel free to point me towards it and I’ll have a read though before I post any more suggestions.



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You can edit the amount of the retract and the plunge rate. I do get that it doesn’t need to plunge from retract->stock at the plunge rate and can move faster but with other things at reasonable values I don’t have much of an issue with this anymore.

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Yes in most cases I have set the retract to 2mm rather than 10mm which is a lot faster, but it seemed like it would be a reasonably quick fix, so thought I’d mention it.


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Have you tried the new ‘start depth’ feature, not sure what it generates but you can tell it to start cutting at a certain depth.

Also - make sure you have the latest CC. There was a bug in a previous release that made for really slow plunge rates sometimes. It’s been fixed for about a week now.




I have downloaded the latest version, so I’ll give that a go.